Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coecles Harbor on Shelter Island

Come here. There is a tiny little entrance that used to be very scary and the current rips. In a few spots you will see 6 1/2 feet near high tide. Once you are inside, hang a left to the anchorage, which can hold many, many boats, or turn right to pick up a mooring if you intend to eat at the Ram's Head Inn. Peter describes the food there as "Hungarian" (which is meant to be perjorative, although that is his ancestry). From my memory, the food is very good in a romantic setting.

Coecles is lovely, particularly during the week. Except for the random jellyfish, swimming is excellent. Sneak your dink off at the Ram's Head landing and walk across the road to the small beach where you can harvest very pretty scallop (perhaps cockle?) shells. A channel with 6 feet at low tide will take you into the Marina, which we understand will let you take on water and use their very clean laundromat, gratis.

Or, you have a fairly long dink ride from the anchorage, landing your dink at the marina, for a nice walk into town. Very good market and excellent gourmet pizza.

It is advertised that you can only anchor here for 48 hours. We were here for 3 nights and did not see anyone policing the anchorage. We enjoyed cocktails with Claire and Paul on Our Turn and Barb and Mike on Elan, along with Linda and Rick on Sojourner.

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