Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oyster Bay and The Sand Hole

We swore we would never come back here, the place where we got struck by lightning, dragged anchor (twice, and the only times on First Edition), and Peter "got arrested" for speeding, in the dinghy no less. But we found ourselves sailing into the harbor nevertheless. With a week of rain predicted, we decided not to stray too far from City Island where we need to return by the weekend.

On entering the harbor you will pass the Seawanka Yacht Club, which we have never visited. This is the yacht club that the fictional hero from DeMille's Gold Coast belonged to. Isn't it grand?!

Not surprisingly, we had difficulty setting the anchor. What is with this place? Peter says the bottom is soupy mud, and obviously, Buster does not like it. We planned to be here but one night (no t-storms in the forecast), in order to make high tide at The Sand Hole, a popular gunkhole at the entrance to Oyster Bay. Years and years ago we took In Recess, our first boat, in and found a peaceful hidey-hole after a hair-raising entry, laden with mosquitos. We now have screens, and courage.

The following morning while approaching The Sand Hole Peter took out the binoculars to read a large sign found at the entrance. It read: "Inlet not navigable". Oh well. The lesson to this story: don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today, go for it, life is too short. Don't believe the cruising guides (the Waterway Guide 2008 "it offers an easy anchorage"). And, proceed with caution.

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