Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mr. Franco does Hair in Manhasset Bay

After missing out on the Sand Hole, we headed back to our new anchorage at Manhasset Bay. The next morning, we saw a familiar boat anchored in the distance, and sure enough, there was Cloverleaf. We dinked over and enjoyed great conversation, "discussed" the nationalization of healthcare, and were provided with a luscious lunch-dinner. Bev and David are incredible and we so enjoy their company.

The next day Peter and I walked the town, landing our dinghy at the Town Dock, which, incidentally, is NOT within 10 minutes of grocery shopping. It is walkable but be prepared. The second best discovery was Shields Hardware, a large, well inventoried old time store where the proprietor, Patty, greeted us with "heh, you guys look like boat people", and we got to talking and found her very likeable. When she told us a customer overheard her telling another that she wanted to dye her hair to match her dog's, and volunteered for the chore, we got a real interesting story. Mr. Franco, who did indeed provide a perfect color match for Patty and TJ, is somewhat retired, but in the past travelled as Jackie O's beautician, invented the highlighting technique many of us paid fortunes for, and provided daily shaves to Governor Rockefeller. Patty phoned Mr. Franco and said I was a nice boat person looking for a cut, and Franco took us in immediately, becoming the best discovery in town. Note that while Mr. Franco is not (presumably) charging Jackie O pricing, his charges are equivalent to an upscale New Jersey Spa. I got a great cut.

Mr. Franco can be reached at 516-883-6869 and is located at Four Third Avenue.

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