Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Easy Life of a Cruiser

We are fortunate to be able to borrow daughter Beth's car when we are around. UNfortunately, Beth leaves the car in NJ where a free garage is provided. Soooo, we need to get there to pick it up and deliver it back. Only retired people would have time to do this: We picked our way through the rain drops as we arrived in Morristown. As we were topping off the gas, we arranged for a cab to pick us up and get us to the train station with little time to spare. Fortunately, J&J Cab arrived promptly and we had time to buy our tickets. (The last time we did this we missed the train while trying to figure all of this out.) So far, we are nearly two hours into our journey.

We had hoped we would make it back to City Island before the severe thunderstorms predicted would hit. Not so lucky. While on the train to Penn Station from Morristown (usually a 79 minute ride), power was lost on the rails. So we sat for an eternity until we had to switch tracks to grab another NY bound train fortunate enough to be under power.

We accomplished the train switcheroo at 4:45 at South Orange. By now, we are hungry, thirsty, and cranky.
My leg is swollen up like a balloon (the doc said to avoid steps, try doing this at a train station).

We finally get there, right around commuter time of course. Why is this man smiling? Because he has no idea what it is like to ride the subway with a trillion other commuters who have had a long hard day and will fight you to their death to get into the car and for the last seat.

So now, we catch the E train until we get to Lexington Ave for the change to the 6 train. (Have you seen Pelham 123? I can't get this flick out of my head as I board.)

By now, Peter is getting the picture. He does not yet fully understand that elbowing your fellow passengers is permissible, and necessary, if you intend to ever make it home. How did I do this day after day, year after year? But finally, we arrive at Pelham Park, just as the 29 bus to City Island was pulling in. Do you know that if you have a Metrocard and have used it for say, a subway ride, that day you get a free transfer to the bus? Ah, what a country.

Twenty minutes or so later, at 6:45, we are dropped off at Pilot Street for the short walk in the thunderstorm to the yacht club, in time to see the more spirited members gearing up for the Wednesday night races. And they call us looney.

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Deborah Northey said...

Bill says that Peter is not completely retired yet. He has a watch on. Of course, one needs one to catch a train, bus, cab. etc.
Safe travels!!!