Sunday, July 26, 2009

City Island, New York

We are back at the City Island Yacht Club, on a mooring, in anticipation of going ashore for land visits. City Island is the first land you will come to on your left after coming eastward from the Throgs Neck Bridge. Our yacht club is not high-fallooting, but is lovely; in particular, the view from the vernanda while dining is spectacular. The moorings (currently $35/night) and the dining are open to the public. 24 hour launch service is provided. There is 5 feet of water at the dock at low tide (with a seven foot range). Our most famous member was America's Most Trusted Man, Walter Cronkite. I wish we had met, and traded cruising stories.

A long walk away is a laundromat and decent grocery store. There are several typical shoreside seafood restaurants and small bistro-type places.

To learn more about the club, go to Come visit!

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