Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rehab for First Edition at Zahnisers

We completed our planned two week visit at Zahnisers in only three weeks as our projected work list grew (of course) after making the arrangements. Zahnisers has proven to be an excellent location for us, not only because of the quality of the work there, but also due to its proximity to our granddaughter, good restaurants (fine Chinese near the supermarket, and excellent chow at C&D Cafe in town)its great location for our usual transit, rental car availability, and a good hair salon. Now that is having your priorities straight!

Although I was somewhat restricted in accomplishing my assigned responsibilities, I did manage to give the external teak a maintenance coat of Cetol and take one set of cockpit lockers-catch-all's down to bare. Peter scrubbed and polished the bottom of the dink so that it looks like new, greased the winches, replaced all zincs,cleaned the bilge, hauled out and straightened out the anchor chain, installed a new Magma BBQ, stitched a rip in the jib (new one on order after 14 years of good use) and installed a new main halyard. All this while between two visits to NJ for doctor appointments (five hour drive each way), and being a compasionnate husband at the urging of my auntie.

Zahnisers pulled First Edition and applied bottom paint and waxed the hull, while Mooch's father Jim overhauled Mac the Merc, our outboard, repaired the cutlass bearing and serviced the Max Prop. Chuck, the electrical guru, added a third solar panel (welcome, New Girl!), worked on Arnie, the wind generator, installed a Sirius radio receiver so I can have news in the Bahamas and elsewhere, changed all breakers on the electrical panel and did a lot of labeling and rewiring (a general clean up of the rat's nest of wires that has grown back there over the 20 years of First Edition's life), did a little messing around with the Link 2000R which works but gives us perpetual problems, and mentored us on solar panels for our future home.

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