Thursday, June 25, 2009

It Doesn't Hurt when You're a Grammie

We decided to defer the long list of boat chores that need to be completed before we leave Zahnisers to accept an invitation to spend Father's Day weekend with Willow, and oh yeah, her parents. Having now acquiesced to the notion that I have RA, I can attest that the degree of discomfort declines proportionately to the distance you are from your granddaughter. She is like opium (I would guess). She takes away the pain.

Her grandfather Aye-Aye and I by special request dined at her favorite pizzeria/Italian restaurant while Lisa and Dave partied with friends. Fortunately the separation angst lasted about a minute, and the two of us enjoyed a nice meal with a very grown up 3 1/2 year old. We followed dinner with a visit to Dairy Queen, which Peter had eyed as we pulled in to the parking lot. As the chocolate machine was broken, Willow chose a vanilla cone, which we had dipped in chocolate. We suspect this is not something her parents would have endorsed, as they are quite good about instilling healthy eating habits. But, heh, isn't this what grandparents are for? Peter had so much fun teaching Willow how to bite around the chocolate shell, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

On Father's Day the guys went to a car show and we did our favorite thing, shop! Willow then made Fathers Day cards for Dad and Aye-Aye, and with coaching, Peter was able to see that Willow did in fact write "Aye-Aye" on the card.

Aye-Aye and Willow had a blast playing in her castle, with "polka dots to keep out the wind, or something" according to the chief resident.

For dinner, Dave and Lisa created this monster paella-like dinner in their patio paella pan, and I have not stopped thinking about it since. Of course, Little Miss Willow is always in my thoughts.

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