Wednesday, June 3, 2009


When speaking with my friend Donna today I realized that we are really not homeless.

When we pulled into Beaufort, NC, having arrived from the Bahamas, we felt great "being home". Then, getting to Sarah Creek to visit my stepmom and staying a few days there was another reminder, home again.

Today we left Mill Creek, Virginia, the site of our future home and where we met up with our friends the Tillmans, who became the second boat to dock at our dock (we think). We are now back at Mill Creek on Solomons Island, Maryland, where our boatyard, Zahnisers, is located, yet another of our homes-away-from-the traditional home we no longer tend to. While here, I will fly to Florida to visit my aunt, at her home which is of course, my home too.

Our next home destination: the Rosenzweigs in New Jersey, whose hospitality has been previously documented and is on-going.

Yeah, sometimes it is tough not to have a place to walk to pick up your mail, or get in your car to drive to the grocery store, or to a doctor's, or to plant some tomatoes or impatiens. But it is great to have so many homecomings, and so many welcomings...

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