Friday, May 22, 2009

Broad Creek near Oriental

We had a nine hour day on Wednesday the 20th as we departed Beaufort with Dave and Wendy on Elysium who were headed to Oriental while we chose Broad Creek nearby. Dave got a shot of First Edition under one of the bridges, most of which can clear 65feet of mast under normal circumstances (First Edition is 62 ½ feet tall, we believe). We have not had normal circumstances, however, as the recent big winds have blown water into the ICW, raising the water level and reducing the clearance under the bridges. As shown in this pic, we cleared with little room to spare.

Broad Creek has a convoluted channel getting in around Gum Thicket Shoal, but we entered without a problem. This is the type of anchorage that I miss while in the Bahamas, tweeting song birds and green trees swaying in the breeze. Ah, America. Call me corny.

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