Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Visit from Beth


On May 1 Beth’s plane arrived at Staniel almost on time (she was co-pilot), with totally excellent weather forecast for the duration of her visit. Accompanying Beth were several pounds of coffee and cheeses, bagels and lox, a new camera to replace the one still floating around in the Dominican Republic (thanks Beth for a great birthday present!) and six months of mail. We quickly hauled out to get to Pipe Cay before sunset. In the morning at low tide we hit the flats, and between the three of us probably got about 40 sand dollars of various sizes. Beth successfully managed to get 15 back to New York, where I expect to see a sand dollar mobile during my next visit to her office.
From Pipe we had a 3 hour motor trip to Exuma Land and Sea Park, where we took a mooring at Emerald Rock. Beth and Peter hardly waited for the prop to stop turning before jumping in for a snorkel on a reef less than 25 feet from the boat. We then took an hour and a half hike up to Boo Boo Hill so that Beth could see the sites and place our latest art work to commemorate her visit. At cocktail hour, we journied to Celebrian, moored next to us, so Beth could meet our friends Rob and Christine. After introducing Beth to the banana quits, we picnicked on the beach and then headed back to the dinghy in order to hit Kelly’s Reef at low tide. We had a great snorkel there until a barracuda chased Beth (this is a common occurrence every time we snorkel with Beth, I wonder why she attracts them), and then Peter and Beth dived Judy’s Reef, where Beth and Peter saw a huge eagle ray (with a 15 foot wing span, so they say), incredible coral and many, many fishies.
The last day we headed back to Staniel to stage to drop Beth off for her flight. We had a great sail, and then a terrific 4 course dinner at the yacht club.

On May 5th at around 9:00 Beth’s little commuter airplane took off, nearly on time. Cudos to Flamingo Air! We had a great visit, and congratulated ourselves on postponing her trip, as the weather was nothing but magnificent. I finally got to show Beth many of my favorite spots here in the Exumas with a jam-packed itinerary. Beth probably needs a vacation to relax.

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