Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Return to the Abacos

After dropping Beth off we high-tailed it back to First Edition for a 50 mile trip to Ship Channel Cay to reunite with Celebrian. Although we had good winds we motor-sailed to make time, arriving 8 ½ hours after departing Staniel.

The following morning we had another 8 hour trip to Royal Island, with both boats failing to catch dinner although we did hook 3 barracuda (we got even Beth!), releasing all 3 back to Neptune. We had great company along the way with several dolphin visits.
Just so remind ourselves what work used to be like, we continued the long trek on the third day, leaving Royal at 7 am, motoring for 10 hours to reach the Abacos, entering the cut at Little Harbor. The whole trip I kept thinking it was going to be an interesting entry, as we had a constant six foot swell on the trip there, and I was not wrong. Although it was really no big deal, in this picture you can see the waves breaking at the entrance, with the anchorage behind the breakers.

We now start the complicated re-entry to the States, trying to calculate when to leave, how long it will take, how many nights to be at sea (1-5)setting variables for weather. Once this is guess-timated we need to figure out how to get phone service to set up appointments for boat work (mostly improvements as opposed to repairs, thankfully), doctor visits (annuals with the trillions of docs we see), and quick visits with family and friends. Then, hopefully to Maine…
This boating life can be complicated.

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