Sunday, May 17, 2009

Racing Around the Abacos

On Friday the 8th we left Lynyard to head to Marsh Harbor, seeking provisions and jewelry. To site an infamous quote: "mission accomplished". (What was he thinking?)

While at Marsh, youngsters from around the world were racing their Opti sailboats in the harbor, and Christine shot this pic of them rounding First Edition. (She had to unsnarl two of them that had gotten caught up in Celebrian's anchor rode.)

We headed to Fowl Cay the next day to have some great snorkelling in the ocean, which you usually can only do in the spring and summer when conditions are very settled. I saw a very ugly six foot green moray eel, which sighting fortunately was confirmed by the others, and Christine and I swam for about 5 minutes with a turtle. Very cool.

We then went the next day to Great Guana Cay to get a frozen Nippers, the cause of last year's declaration on my part that I needed to leave the bar to get back to do paperwork. Go figure. We dined at Grabber's where we had a great hamburger and a frozen Grabber, not quite up to Nipper's standard.

Then, next day to Baker's Bay where we snorkelled again in the ocean, shelled without great success, and had drinks aboard Cloverleaf with Celebrian. In the morning we rounded The Whale, the cut into the Northern Abacos that very often is so rolly and choppy that it cannot be passed. It was flat as a pancake. Off we went to Manjack, the home of the World's Best Free Internet Signal, which, this year, disappeared at sunset with a notice that it had been shutdown. Apparently it was turned back on in the morning. As we planned to leave the next day to get to Great Sale Cay to stage to get back to the States, we had our last pot luck dinner with Rob and Christine, and said our sad goodbyes to these terrific friends.

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