Sunday, May 3, 2009

Piggies for Prunie

This is a special post for a special friend. Lots of piggies this year at Big Major's Spot. In this picture you can see Peter's knee to show how close these guys can get to you. This year they ate everything we offered: apple cores, celery sticks, carrots; I did not provide any meat products because, heh, that is what I am to them and why whet their whistle? The local yacht club, though, shows up two times a day with a little skiff and bags of scraps and I doubt they pick out the left over chicken.

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skb said...

Not the sty we’re used to seeing inhabited by piggies! That photo would put a good spin on the swine flu outbreak- cute, clean, pink pigs. It has been gray and dreary here for a week so take your time heading north. Looking forward to seeing you this summer.