Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jackson Creek at Deltaville

We motor sailed to Jackson Creek, which has an entrance channel that seems as though it will deliver you into someone's living room. The channel is deep and well marked and you need to pay attention to it. Last year we had work done at nearby Broad Creek, where we ran hard aground and where there is no anchoring, so Jackson Creek is a good alternative. There is room for 10 boats or so to anchor comfortably.

Many people use the Deltaville Marina for haulout and boat work. We of course would never use anybody but Zahnisers in Solomons, where we are headed in a week. At the Deltaville Marina you can land your dinghy and dispose of trash for $5 a day, or, for $10 a day use their marina facilities including pool, showers, bikes,laundry and a loaner car for one hour. There are many local restaurants who will pick you up for a meal.

Here we met Peg and Pete on Nautilady, and shared their ride into town to visit Hurd's TruValue, Peter's favorite hardware store on earth. There are many great little shops here to browse. (In this picture Peter is chatting with Nautilady.)

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