Sunday, May 24, 2009

Coinjock to Hospital Point

We left Coinjock Marina at 8 am bound for Mile 1 on the ICW, Hospital Point. We dined last night at the marina, opting for their "famous" 32 ounce Prime Rib, which we shared. It is famous the way Charles Manson is famous. Don't do it.

This ride on the ICW is awful, lots of bridges that open only on particular times, operated some times by cranky folks who never smile. The bridges open, usually, on the hour and half hour, and of course, it takes slightly more than a 1/2 hour to get to the following bridge, so you need to dilly-dally. Sometimes this is not hard, but often the current is running fiercely, and boaters behind you may not have the same mission. This year the place was overrun by maggots, guys riding personal watercraft (skidoos), zipping in between all of the cruising boats, going about 200 MPH. Throw in all the guys towing their kids on various and sundry floating devices (there was one that was a rubber chair. jeesh, go to the beach and sit at the shore)and water skiers. All this on the ICW, 1/4 mile wide with one lane of boat traffic in each direction. Then, of course, there is the Great Bridge Lock, where the boats tie alongside the lock and let the water rise or fall to go from a tidal water to non-tidal. This year, no locktender was helping with the lines, so it was pretty interesting.

We arrived at Hospital Point at Norfolk right at cocktail hour (which I am proud to say is now 1700, or 5 pm to you landlubbers). This is not a bad anchorage, although the boats all swing to different directions and there is a lot of boat traffic passing by. But if you are only staying the evening, not much passes during the night.

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