Monday, May 18, 2009

Clearing Customs at Beaufort

Having arrived on a Sunday, no customs officer was available to check us in. But, we did manage to reach the office and set an appointment for Monday. At 8:30 our officer arrived, too soon for me to seek a hidey-hole for my grapefruit which sat, nicely sectioned, ready for breakfast but now being eyed by Department of Homeland Security, Steve. I was confident I would be asked to ditch all my fresh fruit and vegetables imported all the way from the Bahamas.

I was lucky. Fruits and veggies are not on the terrorist list. This year, opened milk cartons and eggs were the target, unless immediately hard boiled or cooked.

We had a pleasant visit with Steve, who in short order was on his way, efficiently defending our country from the ferocious fried egg.

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