Friday, April 24, 2009

Warderick Wells

With Beth’s trip delayed and the prospects of being stuck in the same location for a prolonged visit ahead of us, we moved on to Warderick Wells and took a mooring at Exuma Land and Sea Park. Here you can find all around protection, a good social life, good snorkeling, and fine hiking. These two pictures show the environs before the blow arrived, and after.

On the calm day we snorkeled Judy’s Reef and saw a wide variety of fish and coral.
The next day we hiked up to Boo Boo Hill and answered Cloverleaf’s call to cocktails aboard their beautiful trawler with some other nice folks on Cecil and Innu. We had been invited by Bev and Dave for happy hour last year at Big Major’s while Beth was visiting. Bev and David are a credit to the boating world, ready to lend a hand, share their glorious boat for sundowners, and always leaving a clean wake as commodores of the Seven Seas Cruising Association. Bev told a story about anchoring here at Warderick Wells to run from a hurricane before the park was opened in 1958. They have been at this a while.

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skb said...

Absolutely stunning…beautiful water and exquisite shells…..wish we were with you! Enjoy your side trip adventure… hope Beth catches up with you before you depart for northern shores. We look forward to seeing you and ushering in our good weather!
s & b