Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Fish Cay, or, Don't Make Me Leave

On March 31st we had a walking tour of Fish Cay where we found abundant wildlife, including a little plover (I think) that walked with us most of the way. These waters are full of rays and sharks that seem very curious as you excavate the numerous sand dollars exposed on the flats. Sea biscuits abound and seem to be a different variety than those found elsewhere. The iguanas seem to be expecting to be fed, as they rush out from the interior upon your approach, a little scary.
This is just a beautiful spot and although you swing with the current we found it well protected in SE winds of 15.
We dined on Rob’s famous spaghetti and meat sauce and counted down the days we have left to share with them. We have abandoned our plans to head with Celebrian to the Jumentos as we are feeling rushed and need to head North to gear up for Beth’s arrival into Staniel. Beth! Mail! Junk magazines! Can’t wait!

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