Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Long Cay

After spending 11 days anchored in the Bight of Acklins the winds abated and we joyously hauled anchor to get to Long Cay, about a 20 mile trip. With winds continuing from the southeast, we knew we would not get any protection, but with 10 knots we expected we could ride it out.
As soon as we anchored, we headed for shore and found pretty incredible shelling but once again, no flamingos which are said to nest here. Our best finds were two hawkwing conch shells, my first (brown in color, about 3 inches long with very flared lips). Around cocktail hour a shark came perilously close to us and had a hissy fit when he realized the water was too shallow to reach us. So we now know we need to use care when swimming or in the shallows.
Once we returned to the boat, we found we had a fair amount of surge even with the light winds, and we moved to anchor by the sand bores nearby and found improvement.

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