Friday, April 3, 2009

Leaving the DR

We have really enjoyed this country and cannot recommend it more highly to the boating community. We have found the country to be safe, although in several locations out of Luperon you can see occasional guards with guns patrolling the shopping centers and hotel areas. (On the weekend net two boats here reported items stolen while they were away, an anchor, and an autopilot. It is crummy to think that maybe a cruiser was the culprit.)
We will leave at first light to get to Great Inagua (great iguana, as Peter says, not joking), where we should arrive midday the next day after. As we prepare to depart, I am thinking of the things we will miss but crave the clean blue waters of the Bahamas.
Things We Love about the DR:
1. The people (the bakery girl nearly broke into tears when we hand-communicated we were leaving. The fact that we ordered 4 breads was probably the give-away.)
2. The bakery, with its Yorkshire pudding-like bread and shortbread cookies
3. The fresh fruits and veggies for very little pesos, especially the pineapples
4. The protection of the harbor here in Luperon
5. The cheapy cheapy restaurants
6. The sea glass on Playa Grande
7. The countryside with random roaming goats, sheep, cows, horses, mules, bulls and chickens
8. The history
9. The beer
10. The fried cheese
11. The trade winds keeping the wind generator pumping amps
Things We Wish We Could Change:
1. Less fried and more variety of food
2. Water quality
3. Lack of green vegetables
4. The reliability of internet especially the inability to Skype most times
5. The hours of the post office (4 times we went to post mail to find it closed when it was advertised to be open)
So, we are off and will spend my birthday at sea.

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