Friday, April 3, 2009

Grocery Shopping in the Bahamas

The optimal time to grocery shop in the Bahamas is right after the mail boat arrives, which happens once a week on different days at different locations. After completing our customs checkin process we found Rob and Christine headed by foot to the grocery store, a three mile one way walk, and we joined them. Upon arrival we found the store closed. A neighbor told us that the proprietor had to pick her kids up from school. We decided to wait.
About 45 minutes later she returned. But, we found that the supplies from the mail boat had not yet arrived, so we decided to wait, again. After about an hour, a van pulled up and the drivers began unloading about 10 cardboard boxes; it was like Christmas, although not quite like the DR vegetable stand. Oranges! Apples! Onions! Bananas! What, no carrots, cabbage, or lettuce? Christine and I rummaged through the old rotten carrots trying to put together a “healthy” one pound bag, to no avail.
Oh well, we will have to eat canned veggies while exploring the Jumentos, where there are NO groceries and NO restaurants.
We bought 6 oranges, 6 apples, 4 potatoes, 4 onions, one pound of grapes, a bunch of bananas, a $4.50 jar of spaghetti sauce and a $2 can of corn, all for $32. At the gas station we snagged a small bag of green peppers for $3. We tucked all of this into our back packs and hit the dusty road.
Fortunately a van stopped and the four of us hopped in the back where we jostled along with the tools and propane tanks on the pot holed road back to Spring Point.

So next time you head off to Shoprite or Kings, think about how we have to shop. And this is why we don’t have time to read books! Oh, I’m really not complaining.

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skb said...

Wow, so glad that you have has been toooo long. Welcome back to civilization…sounds like you didn’t miss it
all that much! tty soon, s&b