Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fish Cay at Crooked and Acklins

One of the great things about travelling with Celebrian is that Rob suggests we do things we would not otherwise undertake. For instance, he suggested we anchor between Fish and Guana Cays for the night. These cays are little more than sand spits and would seem to provide very little protection from waves and wind. With both expected to be moderate, we said “oh what the hell” and agreed.
Less than 10 miles from Long Cay, the excursion here is promised to yield copious amount of fish dinners (thus, the name). As soon as we pulled away from Long Cay the water jumped from eight feet to over 1000 feet in minutes, with the drop vividly defined by the color difference from aqua to deep blue. Fish continue to allude us but we were so distracted by the natural beauty of this spot we did not care.
We followed Celebrian and their Explorer software in between the cays, watching the water drop to seven feet at high tide but gradually rebuild to over 12 as we got closer to the Southeast end of Fish Cay. We laid anchor and dinghied about a mile and a half to Guana Cay for shelling and exploration. Rays swam all around us as we passed over the shallow banks.

As the day progressed we watched the shoals become exposed less than 100 yards from where we were anchored although we continued to have sufficient depths. Perfect spot for skinny dipping, bird watching, and a peaceful sunset. A new favorite spot in the Bahamas.

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