Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Conception Island

We had another great sailing experience getting to Conception Island, which is protected by the Bahamas National Trust. Nothing may be taken from this island, which is a nesting site for turtles and numerous birds. I had planned a lovely pot roast dinner for the first night of Passover, until Don and Diane on Zucchini offered some mahi-mahi that they had caught on the way over from Rum. Peter and I had a peaceful service, recalling last year’s Passover Seder around the table with Celebrian and Fine Lion.
The following day we dinghied into the mangrove creeks as suggested in the guide books, looking for turtles. As elusive as the flamingoes, none were seen. The tides here are difficult to predict, and although we thought we had arrived at high tide, one hour later Diane and Don entered the creek as we were turning around, and advised us that there was not much water over the bar, and waves were breaking over them. So we both exited. Instead we hiked over to the eastern side of the island where we found the usual vast array of shoes that had washed ashore, collected them, and lined the path from the west side with them. We came upon the hiking rope we had read about and rock-climbed to the panoramic view; it is steeper than it looks but totally not scary at all.
Later Peter and I snorkeled the reefs north of the anchorage, and found plentiful fish and reefs in the process of rejuvenation. We were eventually chased out of the water by sharks who sure know how to spoil a party. In the evening we shared cocktail hour with Zucchini, and I shared my shell book with Diane who also had a slight addiction. Zucchini is a trawler that hails from Connecticut and cruises 4 months out of the year.

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