Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cat Island

We spent Easter Sunday at Cat Island and visited Father Jerome’s Heritage. Father Jerome , a Catholic convert, reconstructed several Anglican and Catholic churches following hurricane destruction at several Bahamian islands. He finished out his years here as a hermit. A 15 minute climb takes you to the entrance to the Heritage by walking up the steep stations of the cross. Several other folks had visited this site today, as evidenced by floral remembrances and a group of teenagers from Nassau visiting their grandparents here on Cat.
We then took a walk into the settlement of New Bight. Along the way we found what appears to have been a farm, with signs of a recent fire. It did not stop the tomatoes from self-seeding, so we will have a very fresh side dish with dinner!
Along our walk every car that passed beeped and waved, some asking “everything all right?” or “do you need directions?”. We found our first stop tomorrow morning, Olive’s Bakery, as our friends tell us not to miss the pineapple bread.
Unfortunately the following morning we found Olive’s to be closed. Many shops were not open, as Easter Monday appears to be widely celebrated here. We rented a car at Gilberts, for $85; they picked us up at the dock, a great convenience. We headed for the Deveaux ruins, suggested by the guidebooks. Not much to see. It is sort of sad to see how the history of this country is not being protected; there is no money. We drove up and down the one road that runs through this island, had a beer at Greenwood Resort and then lunch at Fernandez Village Resort, apparently the place to stay here. Nice lunch and terrific looking surroundings. The anchorage in front of the resort seems very protecting except from west winds, and less rolly than where we are at New Bight. The market here is OK and well priced. That means you can buy a bunch of broccoli for less than $5.

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