Thursday, March 5, 2009

Luperon Diversions

One of the local restaurants, La Yola, sponsors movie night every Wednesday. About 18 cruisers were packed into a van, transported to the restaurant, wined, dined, and entertained for less than $9 per person. If memory serves, it cost around $8 for a movie seat at home! We had a fantastic dinner of coq a vin or broiled grouper meuniere, my word, was it spectacular. We then turned our chairs, al fresco, to the screen (the size of Alan’s and Donna’s in their basement theater) and watched The Other Boleyn Girl. Quite a night, unlike the usual cruiser evening.
Today Christine and I walked through Luperon without the boys so that we could support the local economy. It was slim pickings, but I did manage to pick up a little dress, and more fresh fruit and veggies from the truck which shows up twice a week. A large papaya, six tomatoes, a large bunch of finger bananas (maybe 15, green as can be, to be hung from the stern rail), all for less than $3.
Before heading back to the boats we stopped at Steve’s, whose menu I have raved about before, to pick up our laundry and check internet. I had three large bags full, all washed and dried and folded for less than $20. Steve does not seem to be well liked by the local clique, but it seems to us he and his wife Annie are a hard working family providing a real service to the cruising community.
We have been unable to Skype here, as the internet signal will not support it. So, we bought a Dominican Republic chip for our Bahamian phone, $1 a minute, for emergency use.

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