Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DR Day 3

We visited Playa Grande to load up on sea glass, as suggested by Dick and Nancy on Blue Bay. We arrived near high tide, not a good time for hunting, but we had a good haul.
After lunch we visited with our tour guide and arranged all the details. We had our daily visit to the bakery (this time, a large loaf of circular bread that turned out to be the consistency of Yorkshire pudding or popovers, yum, for less than $2), then to the fruit stand. Libations at Shaggy’s, The Barstool Sailor, apparently where the clique hangs out (every island has one). Dinner this evening was at The Chicken Shak, which truly is a shack with a few tables and plastic chairs. The proprietor did not speak English and Christine’s Spanish was challenged as we ordered dinner, which turned out to be fried chicken and yucca and onions, for $2 each! The chicken was fantastic if not to Bertha Atkin’s standards, and the yucca, well, I’m happy to say I have had it and never need to try it again. Think dry mashed potatoes. But not that good.
These young boys pictured asked for “photo, photo”, and they were delighted to see their faces on the tiny screen on my Canon.

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