Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DR Day 2

After rocking and rolling at Big Sand, and a tumultuous crossing, we slept very soundly our first night in Luperon. As promised, the trade winds vanished at night but almost like clockwork, at 9 this morning the boat did a 180 degree turn into a stiff breeze.
At 8 am a cruiser’s net was conducted on channel 72, and we learned about tours, restaurants, commercial services, boat help needed, the usual net stuff. At 10 we headed ashore to the Puerto Blanco Marina for a flea market, locals and cruisers selling art, jewelry, tee shirts and the like. For the equivalent of $2 I bought some cool earrings, and for $11 the four of us shared a big lunch of BBQ ribs, pork chops, and chicken. Oh, and more Presidentes.
We met with Rosa Van Sant, the wife of the infamous cruise guide author, Bruce, to discuss our desire to see the country. We guess Rosa gets a cut from the folks she places the tourists with, she surely spent a lot of quality time with us discussing options. Rob had toured 10 years ago with a guide he remembered fondly, and after recalling her to Rosa, Rosa contacted her and arranged for her to meet us at the marina. Rosa cautioned us that she no longer gave tours, as she had a full time job. But she would accommodate us since Rob remembered her so fondly.
So, it turns out that the full time job is the head of tourism here. We think we are in for a good time

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