Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Staniel Cay Provisioning

On Thursday we left Cambridge and headed to Big Majors Spot where we hoped to top off the larders. Unfortunately, the mail boat arrived on Wednesday, a day earlier than we had been told, and we heard there were slim pickings at Isles General, the grocery/propane/parts supply facility. Nevertheless, we put every waterproof garment on we could find, and Peter and Christine wore their wet suits, for the dinghy ride over to Staniel Cay.
The rumors were correct, so we were forced to shop at the Blue Store and the Pink Store (so named because these are houses painted in said colors with expensive offerings). These places seem to really take advantage of the cruisers. At the Blue Store, there were some gorgeous looking grapefruit, and when I asked the price (nothing is marked) I was told $3.00 each. When I said I could not afford that, the price dropped to $2.75, and then $2.50. So, here you need to hondle for food and the prices never get reasonable. For $77 we bought 6 oranges, 3 pounds of bananas, 2 peppers, a 3 pack of Andy Boy Romaine, 6 apples, 6 yogurts, a loaf of bread and hot dog rolls. Thankfully The Pigs have kept the US-acquired meat frozen so I am not eating mystery meat. Speaking of Pigs, there were several at the beach, but they came out only in the rain and did not swim this year. It was that kind of weather so you can’t blame them for not wanting to entertain.

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