Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rachel's Bubble Bath at Compass and Shroud Cay

On January 26th we reunited with Celebrian, meeting them at Highbourne Cay and then moving on to Shroud Cay the following day. We spent two days at Shroud exploring the mangrove forests, one day by kayak (borrowed from Celebrian), and the next by dinghy. The mangroves are a habitat for marine life, but we saw very little. Last year we saw sharks and lots of rays, but this visit we were visiting closer to high tide.

On the 28th we sailed to Compass Cay to introduce Rob and Christine to Rachel’s Bubble Bath, which we found last year. This is a basin formed by volcanic rock that is very protected and accessible after a long walk from the beach. The waves from the exterior (on Exuma Sound) pound on the outside of the basin but shoot millions of little bubbles through the crevices. Christine and I shrieked like school children as the breakers hit. I wish you all could experience this treasure.


exuma said...

Not volcanic rock, it's limestone. There are no volcanoes in the Bahamas.

exuma said...

Hi, it's not volcanic rock but limestone. There are no volcanoes in the Bahamas.