Monday, February 16, 2009

Heading to the Dominican Republic

After several weeks of sadness following Rob and Christine’s decision to head to the Jumentos and not to the DR with us, our weather guru, Chris Parker, announced a terrific opportunity to head to our destination with uncharacteristic favorable wind and sea conditions. So, Christine called us on the VHF and in Spanish advised they were joining us. After the translation was delivered, we were overjoyed to learn of this change of heart. And to know we will have someone who speaks the language, mon.
As some of you know I do not do well with new things, and this provided the perfect opportunity for me to become a nervous bitch, and I am playing a stellar role annoying my husband. Our planned route keeps changing as the weather changes, adding to my resemblance to a cat on a hot tin roof.
We have just left Black Point and are headed to Sampson to take on fuel and hopefully get an internet signal to make some calls and post these blog updates.
Lord knows when I will be able to post again, as we will be underway for most of the next four days. Or, I may be thrown overboard. With justification.

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