Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Faces of Little Farmers

Races continued on the second day of the FFFFF. We understand that several boats dropped out due to hangovers, and one actually sunk overnight!
We had Kaliks at Ocean Cabin and walked to the airport for the viewing of the races. Along the way the gentleman not holding the microphone but appearing in the picture approached us “for a dollar”. This had never happened here, and it actually shook me up a bit. At the award ceremonies pictured, the gent walked into the middle of the presentation and stood there, motionless, as if ready to receive a trophy. He must be a well known local as he was ignored but tolerated.
This fine gentlemen cheered on his team from the beach, decked out in his finest.
But this honored citizen would top even our friend Len in his ability to pull an outfit together!

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skb said...

so good to find you back on-line. And Spinach Tart-ta sounds much better ......I am in Jupiter, going to Orlando, returning Sunday....be well