Monday, February 16, 2009

Black Point Exumas

Black Point
After leaving Little Bay we scooted over to Black Point, one of our favorite Exuma destinations for four primary reasons: the Laundromat, Lorraine’s CafĂ©, her Mom’s bread, and hunting on the beaches (not necessarily in that order).
On our first hike I found the most incredible helmet conch, which, fortunately, contained no live critters as Christine the Shell Nazi had joined us on this walk. Rob and Christine had found a helmet a few days ago, but it was inhabited and they let it go. Their good kharma passed on to us. I found a good but less perfect second helmet and gifted it to them. We found very little sea glass, which was Christine’s hunting objective. This was very curious as last year we scored big here. Then, we came upon Barb on Plumpuppet with a big smile on her face and a huge sea glass collection in her hand. That splains it.
On our first night we joined Celebrian at Lorraine’s with the rest of our current crew remaining at Little Bay. We enjoyed reuniting with Lorraine and doing our laundry three doors down while we had dinner. We promised Ida, who owns Rockside Laundry, that we would turn the lights out and lock up when we were done. At Lorraines you make your own drinks and tell her at the end of the evening what you had. It is like a love fest.
The following day we picked up our Coconut and Cinnamon Raisin bread that Mom just removed from the oven (place order with Lorraine). Unfortunately, Lorraine no longer permits Skype calls through her free internet signal, as it overburdens the system. The satellite signal was very intermittent, and frustrating to get a connection. We had a great hike and picnic with the rest of the crew who walked over from Little Bay (about 45 minutes from there into the settlement).
The next day we arranged with Lorraine to have a buffet dinner with our group which now totaled eighteen. We added One Eyed Parrots, Imagine, and Gigi’s Island, all terrific folk to our group table. One Eyed Parrots has to be the best boat name ever, as their last name is Parrot, and get this, both of them have only one eye. No kidding. Gigi owns her own boat which she has agreed to share for one year trial with her new mate, Vic. Gigi’s Island has the coolest boat card, they hand out a CD with all sorts of different music which I cannot wait for daughter Beth to hear; the CD is inscribed with their particulars.
Incidentally, Dr. Beth is filming today with Nightline who apparently is doing a feature on pediatric chiropractic, one of Beth’s specialties. We will let you know when it is to be aired. Alternatively you can see it on Utube.

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