Monday, February 16, 2009

Acklins Island in the Crooked Islands

We had a marvelous 27 hour trip from Sampson to Landrail Point on Acklins Island, part of the Crooked Island chain. We were able to sail the last eight hours on a moderate close reach. Celebrian did not have that luck, trailing a few miles behind us they were unable to point with the large sea swell. I hope they do not regret their decision to join us.
We are now in the Southeast Bahamas, and we have to listen to a different weather segment! The area is warmer and more arid, and more remote. There was a Batelco tower, but we seem to be unable to remember how to connect once out of the “civilized” world. So we hope that Beth had a good showing for Nightline.
There were three other boats in the Landrail anchorage. Rapscallion hailed us as we set anchor, inviting us to dinner as they had overloaded on freshly caught Mahi. We were sorry to have missed the chance to make some new friends, as Celebrian had caught a tuna and had already extended the invite. The anchorage is described in the books as subject to a “constant surge”. We had very minor roll in a 15 knots of east wind.
The following morning we decided to change prior plans to head to Atwood Harbor, and go to Salina Point on the Southeast side of Acklins instead. Here we hoped to see the nesting flamingos to celebrate Valentines Day. We were unable to exchange cards or gifts (nothing having been available), and I guess we are getting old because it was OK. Just being here is a gift enough. But, I missed calling my granddaughter Willow. Not only is there no tower, there are no people here.
There are also no flamingos to be found. This is another lee anchorage, and we were the only boats here. We could not identify any path to lead to the inland fresh water pond where the flamingos might be found. While dinghying in to shore, a dolphin rode along side us to lead us to shore. Very cool, but I was unable to catch him on film. We had another good fish dinner, finished off with lemon pie topped with whipped cream I had acquired in Staniel Cay for the purpose.
Tomorrow we leave the Bahamas, and have a twenty something hour trip to the Turks and Caicos. Shortly after our arrival a strong cold front will come though, and it sounds like we will be there for a week or more.


skb said...

Happy Valentines Day..glad you are well...Willow's package was sent and hopefully delivered successfully..

Grex said...

Who is the fool here - 20 degrees in Boston or 80s in Provo?? Hmmm?

I know my dear husband thinks you guys should head home but I am getting a vicarious thrill from your 'ventures. Go for it! Do it safely - no hurry 'mon - so it you are 'stuck' the the T&C's a bit longer - wait for that good weather window. You might even to get Peter to be eatin the curry goat we found on Provo (Where you At - one of our favorite 'get great goat' spots - don't eat there though!). Love you guys tons and tons. Keep that SPOT close by and check in when you depart/arrive.....xo