Friday, January 16, 2009

Warderick Wells North Anchorage

On Thursday someone must have discovered that we were good people after all, and we were able to move to the North Anchorage at Warderick Wells. It took us about an hour and a half of slow motoring while we amped up the batteries to get to our mooring. This relocation may have been an error, as with north winds the Emerald Rock field is very protected, while the North anchorage is slightly exposed and we bounced around a lot with the current.
You meet some very interesting critters in the Park.

We did manage to get a decent hike in on Causeway Trail. This trail is well marked with plaques identifying the flora of the area, so get a little smarter as you get your workout.

It should be noted that while all you folks up North are chilling out, we have begun to repay the weather Gods for such excellent luck for the first three weeks here; it is howling! For the next several days it will blow, it will rain, and it will be basically ugly. Well, it is not snow. And it is not freezing.

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