Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tarpum Bay at Eleuthera

Another glorious sailing day as we said a temporary good-bye to Pearl and Blue Bay, who are headed to Rock Sound. We decided to visit Tarpum Bay, where new government moorings were said to be available, and art galleries located. Neither were found. Holding is supposed to be poor here, but we found good sand in six feet of water well off of the shore to the right of the submerged rocks at high tide. So basically the guide books are all wrong.
Long walk was taken around this run-down community, where everyone we passed greeted us warmly. By the time we made it to the top of the hill (where the car rental/pizza shop/bakery/internet “cafĂ©” is located) word had travelled that there was a boat in the harbor. Apparently passers by are few and far between.
We had a late lunch at Barbie’s, where we waited 45 minutes for the best fish sandwich I have ever had.
Grocery stores were well stocked with refrigerated goods and some frozen meats, but little in the way of fresh produce. It appeared that conch and/or fish was being sold on the docks.


GertieCranker said...

Sorry I missed you! But glad you spent some time in our community!

lynn Larson said...

Gertie and I love TBay so much that we rehabbed the pink house by Barbies. Stop in the next time you are in the village