Saturday, January 24, 2009

South Anchorage at Warderick Wells

We had a harrowing trip to the South Anchorage by Hog Cay from the North Anchorage, about an hour and a half voyage. The winds were in the upper teens and the waters had churned up. This was our first visit to this anchorage, so we were unfamiliar with the approach and knew only that we had to keep the “prominent rock” to starboard. For a long time we could not see the entrance, but keeping on, it eventually became obvious, with a cairn (pile of stones) at the entrance to port and the mooring field coming into view shortly thereafter. On entering, the winds were sheltered and the seas were flat with pastel blue waters. A great choice.

We hiked around to see what was there and found a former pirate lair (or so claimed). Trees not native to the Bahamas were abundant, said to be owing to the pirates dropping seeds from their sleeping bags and clothing.

That evening we had happy hour ashore with Blue Blazer, Blue Bay, and Briar Patch, all of the boats in the mooring field, and it was agreed to form the Hog Cay Yacht Club, whose activities should last for the next several days as the west winds blow near 30 knots.

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