Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rock Sound, Eleuthera

We spent three nights at Rock Sound, missing our friends on Celebrian and Ketch N Dreams, with whom we had shared Eleuthera last year. We had good company, though, with Blue Bay and Pearl. We provisioned and bought internet ($8 a day at Dingles), and found out that the tiki hut where we landed our dink last year had opened as a restaurant, catering to cruise ship tourists who are ferried in. (Four Points.) Here Cocoa is featured demonstrating a Junkanoo costume, and although one of the tourist women who appeared to have one too many Goombay Smashes on the ferry ride over enjoyed dancing with him, I really think he entertained for my granddaughter. Lisa reports that Willow has become a You Tube Junkanoo fan. Lisa, she wants to see the real thing with Grammie.

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