Saturday, January 24, 2009

Normans Cay

With the wind and seas settled down, on January 22nd we all left the anchorage, with everyone except First Edition headed South. Instead, we headed for Normans Cay, the former home of Colombian drug lord Carlos Lehder, and last year, our site for the Super Bowl, the New York Giants the champions. Here we plan to wait for Rob and Christine on Celebrian, who have been stuck in the Abacos waiting for a computer part.
I just finished a great book about Normans and the whole drug thing titled Turning of the Tides. It is a good read even if you don’t know the Cay (John, get it, you will enjoy it if you can find it, and no, I don’t know the author’s name.)

The plane pictured here is not the only one that crashed while overloaded with cocaine, but it is the only one remaining that you can snorkel around.
We managed to find a way to the Sound-side beach where there were more conchs than we have ever seen.

We met up with Judy and Irwin and Will and Sue (the latter on Blue Moon) and enjoyed a good hike and conversation. Everyone reminded each other to look up every once and a while as the scenery was spectacular, breathtaking.

That evening we joined Richard and Carol from Kalissa at McDuffs, which is trying to call itself the Norman Cay Beach Club. This is a great place, very cozy, with better than average Bahamian food (some of it is actually not fried). We had several Kaliks (the local brew) and met Ken and Barb on Plumpuppet (you are challenged to describe how this name arose), Mark, a single handler with a passion for Norman’s history, Mike and Judy on Sea Sharp (yes, one a former music teacher), and Kathy and Darius on Breeze Hunter.

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skb said...

Great to catch up…I am so jealous of the conch beach trip! The waterspout is stunning…and too close. Cleveland trips- now the norm. Thanks for sharing the sunshine; it remains very cold and snowy here.