Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Years Day and Wifi Antenna

On the first day of the year we exited Hopetown and had a great sail back to Marsh, where we hooked up again with Rob and Christine for our New Year's Dinner and to commemorate the one year anniversary of our meeting. As usual, we had a great time with these great friends. However...

Christine has been very frustrated in trying to get a new wifi antenna, which is an absolutely necessity while cruising. With the antenna, we are able to connect from anchorage to shoreside signals being supplied by the likes of you guys. All we do on First Edition is attach the antenna into the USB port and haul it up the stays. Our antenna was intended for RV use, and it works great. Christine bought some kind of fancy thing that does not want to work with Vista. So, finding a suitable replacement in the Bahamas has been very difficult. She has managed to find an expert and a source, who says that his supplies will be coming in "some time next week". For Chrissy's sake we hope this is not next week, Bahamas time.

But, we have decided to move on and connect with Celebrian down the road a piece. To make matters worse for Christine, we plan to leave with Blue Bay, friends of theirs that they introduced to us. Total abandonment.

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