Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lynyard Cay to Royal Island

Near the very South of the Abacos the surroundings change entirely from the bustle of the big city (sic) to nothing but forests and uninhabited islands. We left ahead of Blue Bay and motor sailed down to Lynyard, passing over shallows and nearby reefs. There seem to be an incredible number of possible anchorages, and we will have to come back here to explore.

Blue Bay pulled in just at sunset as the conch horns sounded taps. The next day we had, as Dick put it, a "spirited sail" to Royal Island Harbor, with winds around 20 knots and 4 to 6 foot seas, with some eight foot rogues thrown in. This trip took about ten hours; we usually leave at night to avoid any chance of falling behind schedule and having to approach at night. To get here you must sail open ocean for hours, then pass through two unlit islands and enter a channel that according to our Navionics charts indicate there are nothing but rocks in the inlet. Fortunately the charts are wrong, as Royal has great holding and is a lovely spot. UNfortunately, construction is on going where a luxury resort is to be constructed. This was in progress a year ago and the same trucks and backloaders are evident and kicking up a lot of dust, but there is no evidence that anything has been constructed!

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