Saturday, January 24, 2009

Letter from the Queen

Our Commodore announced this morning that he had received a letter from Queen Elizabeth, advising that due to the long established residency of the British on and near Hog Cay, the yacht club was henceforth to be known as the Royal Hog Cay Yacht Club; all members unanimously approved this amendment. (Ranger Headquarters has even started to refer to us as the HCYC, as have some other boats moored in the North Anchorage.)
The RHCYC took a several hour walk around Warderick Wells over volcanic rock, hauling what seemed like several tons of plastic flotsam off the shores. As we are all departing tomorrow, with First Edition headed North while the others head to Staniel Cay, we hosted another game night serving sippies, cake and coffee. The women got their revenge in a roaring game of Apples to Apples. Following this, Kathy taught us a new card game, Pig.
To play Pig, a deck of cards consisting of four of a kind for each person is assembled. (Since there were 8 of us, we played with 32 cards of aces through eight.) Seven “grabable” items like clothespins are placed in the center of the table. Four cards are dealt to each player. The dealer is the judge, and on his/her command, one card is passed left. The judge continues to announce “pass” until one player has four of a kind, when he grabs one of the clothespins. Everyone else grabs a clothespin, leaving one player empty handed (as in musical chairs). That player has earned a “P”. A new judge (clockwise) restarts the process. When any player has “earned” P, I and G, he is eliminated from the game and one four of a kind set of cards is taken away. No one may talk to the PIG, who of course tries to involve everyone in conversation. Anyone who does talk to the PIG becomes a PIG and is eliminated. Game continues until everyone but one is eliminated. This game is absolutely hysterical.

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