Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hog Cay Activities

We all went snorkeling in the South Anchorage and it was pretty amazing. We all thought the stomatolites, I think the earliest known form on life on our planet, were unimpressive, but the coral and fishies were incredible. This is such a good hideaway.
We tried hiking but poisonwood is abundant on the trails, which seem to be short and go no where. We climbed the east side of the anchorage and found seven year apples ripening. There are several theories on how this fruit got its name but the one I like best professes that if you take a bite out of one of the apples, you won’t take another one for seven years.
After a delightful pot luck dinner aboard Blue Bay we headed over to Briar Patch for a Hog Cay YC Pictionary competition. Briar Patch is an owner-built McIntosh Cutter, absolutely gorgeous, owned by Dean and Kathy. The men womped us, running way ahead very early, the ladies nearly catching up, with guys recovering for the win. A great night with our new friends.

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