Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hiking to Boo Boo Hill

We packed a lunch and picked Nancy up in the dink while Dick relaxed and recuperated from a cold spreading through the cruising community. We met up with Maj-Lis and Don from Blue Blazer on Butterfly Beach and had a several hour hike up to Boo Boo Hill. Along the way, I found this gorgeous piece of coral that closely resembles a Willow tree, and of course, begged to be featured on Boo-Boo with the other cruiser mementos. Thinking of you, dear granddaughter.

At night we attended the usual Saturday evening happy hour at Warderick and met a lot of nice folks. The usual bonfire was skipped as the winds are still whipping. Tomorrow we plan to head off to the South anchorage, where we have never been, as we are told the West protection is great here. West winds to 30 knots are forecast in the next couple of days. There are six moorings there, but two are out of commission. It looks as if Blue Bay, Blue Blazer, and Briar Patch will accompany First Edition in this voyage.

To get to the South Anchorage we have to exit Warderick Cut and enter a rather narrow anchorage. More thrills and chills.

We will be out of internet range for several days, so please use your imagination to picture us snorkelling and partying.
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