Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Current Cut and Current Island

On January 8th we left Spanish Wells two hours before low tide. It was a real nail-biter crossing over the Meak Patch; fortunately Blue Bay, with its Explorer electronic charts led the way. After hours and hours of debate and negotiation, we had concluded that slack current at Current Cut occurs 1 and ½ hours after High Tide or Low Tide at Nassau. (After the high tide, the ebbing current sets west. Really.) So, the timing of slack required our untimely departure.
We arrived at Current Cut right on schedule, and found negligible adverse current on entering and a slight favorable on exiting the Cut (go figure). In any event, it was a non-event, as hoped. Once you are through the Cut, ignore your charts and make a hard turn to starboard, tracking the Southern coast until you find deep water. It was very skinny when we arrived, and we saw slightly over six feet under us.
We anchored behind Current Island. The shelling was fabulous, got a great big Queen or King Conch (need Celebrian for confirmation), several milk conchs, many sand dollars, and gorgeous sea urchins. Nancy and Dick on Blue Bay had their first snorkel of the year and reported great fish but chilly water. At sunset I sounded the conch horn quite admirably, as the Captain, in the shower, yelled up his dismay at using his instrument.
We celebrated Nancy’s birthday aboard First Edition with a pot luck lobster dinner, complete with a homemade birthday cake which I baked and Peter frosted. It was a great day and evening.

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