Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trim A Tree Party at Lake Worth


Today we will have been at Lake Worth for a week, waiting for weather to cross to the Bahamas. Well, actually the first few days we were provisioning and running around. But we are ready to go! In order to get to the Bahamas you must cross the Gulfstream, a strong, warm current of water many miles wide. The current runs North, so you actually point your boat more South than where you want to go when you head East. When winds are blowing from the North, big, big, big seas set up in the Gulfstream, and the temperature of the water sets up some nasty weather if certain conditions exist. So, one is very careful before entering. The Bermuda Triangle may be a Gulfstream phenomena.
So we wait for light winds from the East, or decent winds from South to West. This time of the year, cold fronts bring North winds, and cold fronts are pretty prevalent. So, we wait.

While waiting, you can party every night. On First Edition, we had Froya and Sojourner over for cocktails and to trim our little tree. Hope not to be here for Christmas!
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Jeff/Cindy said...

We are tagging along with you - at least as best we can. We wish we were actually there with everyone. I never realized what readers of our blog last year told us about how it made them feel to read about our travels, but I do now.

Say "Hello" and 'Merry Christmas' to everyone from Salty Dog.

Jeff & Cindy

It's the ONLY thing... said...

We understand you guys have gone back to work. Could it be you had too many Nipper Juices and your minds have gone soft? Good to hear from you, wish you were here!