Friday, December 5, 2008

Ships Passing...


During the Fall we had hoped to meet up with Far Niente, whom we had last seen in Annapolis. Their crew voyaged by air and land to Michigan, where Jay was inducted into the Funny Car Hall of Fame, or something like that, being a former successful race car driver. I am assuming the successful part, but he is alive and well so that says something.

Once they started South we kept in touch and the number of days separating us diminished, until we reached what is their new homeport at Fort Pierce while they were still headed South. The morning of our departure they heard us on the radio and called to say hi and goodbye, being nearby but offshore, and to let us know that we were in for a lumpy ride.

We snapped this shot as we passed each other in the Ft. Pierce channel. Look closely and you can see Santa.
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