Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pine Island near St. Augustine


We left at dawn for a long stretch of ICW travel from Fernandina to Pine Island, not quite at St. Augustine. The day warmed up nicely. This was a pretty run, with low lying marshlands alongside the waterway, and plenty of water. All but one of the bridges is 65 feet, Floridian tax dollars hard at work replacing those bascule types. Supposedly it was howling on the outside on the Ocean, so we took this safe route.

We arrived at the Pine Island anchorage around 2:30, to see a sailboat that we had followed earlier in the day pulling out. We hailed them and they said there was plenty of water, but also plenty of crab pots and current. Undeterred, we set the anchor. Upon checking our tide tables I calculated there was a good chance we would be aground at low tide; the deep water shown on the charts is not there. We had a few words between us (I the conservative one, Peter, well, you know) and finally left. A short stretch down the ICW I saw a bump out of the waterway with 15 feet of water (by Red "30"), and we lay down the hook. It worked out fine. We later saw several sailboats enter Pine Island, Lord knows where they put the anchor but based on the conversation among them, they were not happy.

Tomorrow, an overnight to Fort Pierce. Freeze warning posted!
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