Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We arrived at Hopetown about one half hour after high tide with about a foot of water to spare. Celebrian had arrived earlier and had snagged us a mooring, in high demand as a result of today's Abacos Rage fundraiser and tomorrow nights New Years Eve festivities. We are very close to the boat moored next to us, fortunately no one is aboard to witness any undesired rafting.

We first toured the lighthouse, and walked up to the top for some amazing views. First Edition is the blue hull in the forefront of this picture.

After the lighthouse tour we walked to the fundraiser for the Rage, which will be the Hopetown entry in the Bahamas Regatta in the spring. This is a huge event in which the Islanders race against one another with native built boats and lots of fried conch and serious food platters served in between the races. Here, Peter buys his Rage tee shirt.

After lunch, we experienced Hopetown at its best: shopping. I wish this Lizard Lounge had been for sale, it would have made a great dollhouse for Willow or garden ornament for her mother. Instead, I picked up a very cool gift for Willow that made her grandfather roll his eyes at me.

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It was a great day, topped off by happy hour on Celebrian. Christine and Rob will be leaving tomorrow while we enjoy another day at Hopetown, likely to include a New Years Eve dinner out, with a desire to see the fireworks and Junkano. The latter two events are after midnight, so we may have to skip the rest of the day to prepare.

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