Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting Ready to Cross

A bunch of us got together for lunch at Duffy's, the local sports bar that serves lunch at 40% off between 2 and 4 pm. Cruisers, ever the bargain hunters, have made this a "must stop" in the Lake Worth itinerary. Here we sit discussing when we are all going to cross. As it turns out, Peter and I will exit Lake Worth tomorrow around 4 pm, with one other boat that will head in a different direction. The rest intend to wait until the next day, for reasons we understand but do not agree with. So, we will be alone out there in the pitch dark, in the nasty Gulf Stream. But conditions are predicted to be so benign we do not want to pass them up.

We finished provisioning at Publix, spending a couple hundred on fresh fruits and veggies and a variety of hors d'. I cannot wait to see our friends on Celebrian, with whom we hope to celebrate Christmas.

So, tomorrow we cross! It may be several days until I get to post again, so stay tuned.
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skb said...

thanks for the update and the recipe... bon voyage!