Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Christmas Visit to Auntie


The waiting at Lake Worth continues, and permitted a two day visit with my Aunt Dar. The four hour ride was longer than expected, but she was so excited to see us it was worth it. Peter might not quite see it that way, as he was the chauffeur. We got to host a dessert party (so what if I forgot to put sugar in the pumpkin cheesecake?) for other Aunts and Uncles and neighbor friends, Debbie and Jamie. As the night was winding down we got a surprise visit from friend Nancy, who had just rolled into town from Canada. It is Nancy's friend Ben who provided the world's best recipe for Margueritas, so there is a big warm spot in my heart for Nancy.

We are now back on First Edition, and it is looking like there is a crossing opportunity! Now the debate among the Captains begins, when to leave, which direction to motor, or sail, where to spend the first night. I think I might just shut up for a change. OK, I will try at least.
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SusanKB said...

Glad you got to make the trip North, and I would like that recipe ;-) Have a smooth crossing,
think sea glass.